Platform Detail

Sovereignty - Individual

1) We seek to restore human, civil, and constitutional rights, and consumer protection laws that end the malfeasance/criminality of the medical-industrial complex, and enable self-determination/medical freedom/patient autonomy, and protect against coercive socioeconomic tactics that engender experimental, irreversible, or unwanted medical treatments and interventions on our children and us - such as those explicitly described in the Nuremberg Code.

2) We oppose the misuse of technologies to achieve a transhumanist agenda such as gene editing, hormonal puberty blockers, nanotechnology and microchip implantation, and the use of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), sonic frequencies, radiation, insecticides, fertilizers, chemtrail agents, neurotoxic water additives (fluoride), carcinogenic food preservatives, and medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs that enslave us by eroding our ability to think analytically, reproduce and maintain integral health.

3) We oppose the technocratic surveillance state and the use of electronic health passports (QR codes).

Sovereignty - Nation-State

4) We oppose the globalists' agenda of a unipolar world controlled by western countries, like NATO. Instead, we support developing nation-states and their people in their autonomous right to decide their own economic & social structures and geopolitical alliances without foreign and/or supranational organizational interference - such as that engendered by the World Health Organization (WHO), and International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Human, Constitutional & Civil Rights

5) We believe that pure water and food, clean air, safe affordable housing, free holistic healthcare & education (from primary school to university), and unobstructed access to ballots are inalienable human and sociopolitical/economic rights.

6) We measure success not only by increases in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but also by the strengthening of social indicators (i.e., literacy, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.).

7) We believe farmland and seeds are public resources and should not be under oligarch control. For example, Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in the U.S.

8) We believe agriculture must be founded on the regenerative principles of permaculture and the use of sustainable energy.

World Peace

9) We support the end of the military-industrial complex and its threat of nuclear war.

10) We oppose the development and use of bioweapons, weapons of mass destruction, predator drones, and those outlawed by international conventions.

11) We support the end of the intelligence-industrial complex and believe that regime-change wars & covert actions including economic sanctions must be abolished. A denuclearized and antifascist multipolar world, free of oligarchic and military alliances such as NATO, is our only hope for the future of civilization and the free market exchange of goods and services.


12) We believe our government must honor its treaties.

13) We stand in solidarity with censored and imprisoned peoples of the world that are historic victims of patriarchal white settler colonialism and remain oppressed by the U.S. imperial policy of Total Spectrum Dominance. We seek freedom for all U.S. political prisoners: Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Simon Trinidad, Ivan Vargas, and Alex Saab as detailed here.

14) We support the end of capital punishment and imprisonment for economic and victimless crimes and politically motivated crimes (such as protests). We view the criminal justice system as a method of ensuring indentured servitude/modern-day slavery that must be abolished.

15) We understand the immigration crisis in the U.S. to be blowback from our imperialist foreign policy of destabilizing developing nation-states to promote the domestic exploitation of their peoples’ labor & natural resources by U.S. corporations. Rampant drug, human, and weapon trafficking activities, gang violence, and the murder of local advocates push people out of their communities and homeland. This is because people are no longer safe, lack economic agency, and believe the hype that life would be better in the United States. However, without the support of their government, community, and family members, they are even more vulnerable to abuse as sex-slaves and indentured servants. According to Axios through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, The U.S. government has lost contact with thousands of migrant children released from its custody.

16) We support voting rights for the incarcerated. Voting rights for convicted felons by state is detailed here.

17) We support an economic and environmental bill of rights that includes reparations for enslaved people's descendants and provides Native American land, resources, and sovereignty to indigenous people.

18) We support the defense and advancement of people of color and the sex-based rights of women.

19) We support equitable land value taxation/commons rent policy. For land taxation to be equitable, it must be based on the derived use/benefit of the land resource and any environmental damage therein caused. For example, multinational corporations routinely fail to pay appropriate taxes on their commercial activity, and they are notoriously among the worst polluters.

20) We support holding accountable those that are corrupt and collude with big industry to violate our consumer protection laws, personal sovereignty, and our constitutional and sex-based, age-based, disability-based, and all human rights both domestically and internationally.

21) We stand in solidarity with whistleblowers that expose government and corporate crimes such as Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, Daniel Hale, Edward Snowden, and Steven Donziger as detailed here.

Monetary & Economic Reform

22) We support the end of the unconstitutional and misnamed Federal Reserve system that enables private banks to profit at our expense by creating debt-based money. For us, money must be a publicly controlled resource free of debt and spent on infrastructure and for the general welfare. Sovereign money, free of debt, is necessary to end wealth inequality, government and individual debt saturation, the collapse of the economy, and control of the government by bankers and oligarchs.

23) We believe industrial complexes and mega privately-owned corporations such as Vanguard and BlackRock must be dismantled. Their existence enables the immoral and unjust concentration of wealth and political power into the oligarchy which institutionalizes oppression.

24) We support the end of corporate personhood. Corporations are not people and should not be granted Bill of Rights protections that are equal to flesh & blood humans.

Restoration of Green Principles & Values & Growth

25) We support the reaffirmation of GPUS to the pillars of peace, justice, democracy, ecology, and the 10-key values that arise from them.

26) We support our affinity committees/caucuses, and each other in our goal to maintain, acquire or regain leadership positions in GPUS and to achieve the re-accreditation of Green state parties.

27) We invite independent Green parties and others who may be from other parties but who are similarly minded to join us.

Election Reform

28) We support direct democracy in which all laws and politics imposed by governments are determined by the people themselves rather than by representatives who are elected by the people.

29) We seek meaningful campaign financing laws, ranked-choice voting (RCV), verifiable electronic voting technology that cannot be hacked and is backed up by paper ballots in a transparent process, the end to ballot harvesting, the need for voter identification, and a clear chain of custody in the processing of ballots, the end to voter disenfranchisement and the gerrymandering of voting districts, and the removal of blocks to third party ballot access.

30) We believe political power must be independent of corporate control.

Freedom of Speech

31) We believe communication is a public good and an informed citizenry is a protection against tyranny. The privatization/monopolization/consolidation of the news industry into Reuters and Associated Press and social media into Facebook and Twitter etc. is unconstitutional.

32) We support the abolition of CIA psychological operations (psyops)/ disinformation campaigns via news, entertainment, and social media surrogates, and tactics such as censorship and bullying through cyber-warfare and the use of bots and sock-puppets.

Sustainable & Regenerative Development

33) We support the development of green local industries that will enable economic and food sovereignty.

34) We support job creation and re-education to be necessary components of any plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) for automation.

35) We support the requirement of environmental impact statements (EIS) for development to ensure the protection of land, air, and water from contaminants.

Food Sovereignty