As current, former, and potential members of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS), we seek to return the party to its founding values and principles (if still possible - as detailed in the subsequent paragraph on COINTELPRO).

Additionally, we welcome and support newly created independent parties, such as the Emerald Party, as well as established parties and candidates that align with our stated values, and we actively seek to amplify their voices against news media shadow-banning.

Individuals running for the presidential office that share many of our values follow:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. shares our values on consumer protection, restraint of the security state, and need for healthcare reform. However, he has a tragic blindspot on Israel and its genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Gaza - which is funded by the U.S.

Davi and Emanuel Pastreich are candidates running for president on inclusive peace platforms based on individual and nation-state sovereignty.

We also support candidates like Diane Sare from NY on her senatorial campaign for peace against the warmonger, Kirsten Gillibrand and Jose Vega running for congress against the AIPAC Rep Richie Torres.


Just like in COINTELPRO, the FBI's counter-intelligence program that was used to disrupt and neutralize anti-war and radical organizations two generations ago, modern-day infiltrators/operatives are suspected to be misleading the GPUS into mirroring the captured Democratic Party's imperialist and authoritarian views regarding war, healthcare, and women's sex-based rights through the weaponization of identity politics and "woke" cancel culture tactics that eliminate education, debate and class analysis.

Through intimidation and coercion, they have driven the party to the brink of collapse, with memberships and donations at an all-time low.

Some say let it fail!

However, we believe it is essential to maintain third parties that are clear about history, geopolitics, and the fallacy of the self-correcting "free" market system. Also, the GPUS has an organizational structure that seems worth preserving.

As such, we are committed to reclaiming the party with our movement's members, removing suspected infiltrators/operatives, regrowing its resources, and supporting the efforts of leaders who champion our sovereign, human, civil, and constitutional rights against oligarchic control and tyranny.

Join us in activism, create your political home and change the world!


Criminal delusions of grandeur have become the new normal as we stand on the brink of WWIII while our politicians and their complicit news media attempt to convince us that nuclear war, once considered Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), is now tactically "winnable," and that our loss of autonomy, for the globalist's Great Reset, is not mind-control and enslavement but “progress."

We will not allow our planet, economic viability, and bodies to be sacrificed to achieve the elite's longstanding depopulation agenda.

We, the people, unite and resist!

Platform Summary

The ultimate objective of the Green Renaissance-Sovereign Rights Movement is to reclaim what has been taken from us by the oligarchs through the institutionalization of racism and sexism.

By misusing our socio-economic and political infrastructure - and its consequent education, communication, electoral, healthcare, and criminal justice systems - the ruling elite indoctrinates and subjugates us to empower themselves.

As a result, we experience corporate welfare/socialism for the rich and fend for yourself/capitalism for the impoverished and working class.

These dual economic systems are maintained through fascistic repression tactics.

Intelligence officers, militarized police, and "fact-checkers" are directed by the ruling elite to use assassination and imprisonment as easily as deplatforming and shadowbanning to achieve nearly bulletproof social control and censorship.

We understand fascism as the final stage of capitalism - where the relationship between corporations and government becomes indistinguishable and tyrannical. As such, it is absolute in its application and not defined by left-right paradigms or its puppet dictators.

The synthetic left does not uphold world peace and consumer protection laws. It fails to defend our families from corporate exploitation. We are kept running from crisis to crisis in survival mode and unable to advance meaningfully.

We are not fooled by the weaponization of identity politics. It is a deep-state tool that divides us in futile competition over breadcrumbs and fake recognition.

While we fight each other over our contrived differences, instead of working together as members of an oppressed class for our liberation, the ruling elite mocks us because, from our trenches, we can't see them pulling our strings.

We are not deceived by the empty promises of the two-party system and its team sports mentality that conceals the fact that politicians drink from the same money trough and vote in near lockstep.

The oligarchs are profiting, while we maim and kill our brothers and sisters in impoverished and working-class neighborhoods and in foreign countries - that we are misled to believe contain our enemies.

We can't run because there is nowhere left to go. We and our earth are poisoned for the ruling elite's profit. We must heal ourselves and defend our families, neighbors, homes, and country from these greedy traitors to our nation.

Compassion must be lauded and avarice condemned.

Education, organization, and mobilization are our practices and boycotts and general strikes are our techniques to remove the vestiges of patriarchal, racist, and xenophobic settler-colonialist oppression in our struggle for justice and liberty.

Green Renaissance-Sovereign Rights Movement envisions a just and fair society that enables prosperity for all, not just the elite few.

To further our goals:

We advocate anti-imperialism, freedom of speech, women's sex-based rights and those of people of color, bodily autonomy, direct democracy with election transparency, worker ownership, land & tax reform, and the decentralization and localization of all key industries, and financial institutions.

We advocate that clean air and pure water and food are inalienable human rights.

We demand that healthcare be removed from the profiteering clutches of the medical-industrial complex and returned to doctors that observe their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. We advocate for medical freedom and holistic/integrative medicine that respects the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, upholds informed consent, maintains our privacy, and is free to all.

We support education funding from preschool to university level, affordable housing and transportation, and regenerative economic development programs that ensure the dignity of economic self-sufficiency and food security for all.

We oppose BlackRock and Vanguard's economic stranglehold on our economy and seek to end the private Federal Reserve's privilege of using our monetary system for its banks' profiteering.

We demand the end of prolonged states of emergency and the repeal of the USA Freedom Act of 2020 (the former USA Patriot Act), and the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF).

We demand the abolition of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), unilateral economic coercive measures (sanctions), and the closure of all nonessential foreign and domestic military bases & installations.

We demand the dissolution of the military, intelligence, criminal justice, banking & finance, medical, and media industrial complexes.

We demand the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act - as it allows the government to manipulate public opinion through the use of propaganda.

We defend whistleblowers and demand the liberation of political prisoners, and those detained as immigrants and incarcerated for nonviolent offenses.

We stand in solidarity with activists against FBI/CIA assassinations, torture, imprisonments, fire bombings, raids, confiscations, and IRS harassment.

We seek the passage of HR 2998 - the COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act and demand the end of covert actions against U.S. organizations, residents, and citizens.

We demand the end of unconstitutional surveillance.

We demand the end of the racist war on drugs.

We stand in solidarity with all domestic workers' efforts to unionize, protest, and strike, as well as international actions that span from the truckers in Canada to the small farmers in the Netherlands.

We support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, an apartheid nation-state, that commits ongoing war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Although some of our goals may appear contradictory, such as the need for political parties while we also call for direct democracy, we recognize that the level of change we seek is a monumental process and some organizational structures are still functionally necessary.