Fact Sheet for Petition

1. The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) Divergence from a Peace Agenda and Avoidance of Nuclear War

Statements made by the GPUS leadership routinely diverge from its key values of peace and conflict resolution, including the de-escalation of the use of nuclear weapons. Instead, the GPUS and its 2020 nominee for President endorsed the Democratic Party/NATO Neocon/Neoliberal framework of escalating a border conflict by arming a fascist regime in Ukraine with nuclear-capable delivery vehicles including F-16’s and parroting elements of the “Russiagate” hoax to justify it.

As the 2020 nominee for President, Howie Hawkins caused considerable damage to GPUS’s reputation by repeating “Russiagate” smears generated and disseminated in coordination with corporate “news”, intelligence agencies, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party and Obama/Biden Administrations to damage the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.

Hawkins’ promotion of sending lethal aid to Ukraine, in violation of the GPUS’ stated 10 key values promoting peace, remains the wrong position risking escalation among nuclear powers. Ukraine remains one of the most notoriously corrupt countries in the world since the U.S. achieved its successful regime-change coup in 2014, to lay the groundwork for its ethnic cleansing of Russian civilians in the Donbass region and its failing proxy war against Russia.

It is concerning that a 2024 primary candidate for president, Cornel West, endorsed the 2020 run of Biden and defended Hillary Clinton. West’s naming of Clinton-aligned, Media Matters veteran, Peter Daou, who was a proponent for:

Russiagate gaslighting and violations of the 4th Amendment through National Security Agency FISA database spying on political parties including potentially GPUS

shredding the 1st Amendment through censorship and unconstitutional government decrees;

selectively eliminating the right to assembly in protest and in places of worship, gyms, small businesses, schools, and restaurants while giving immunity to casino gamblers and large retail corporation shoppers.

refusing to punish crimes committed by members of intelligence agencies;

weaponizing identity politics to protect powerful elites from accountability to the American people;

deafening silence on the now uncensored documentation of bribery, extortion, and potential treason of President Biden.

2. Totalitarian Actions under “the Pandemic.”

The largest transfer of wealth through scientific fraud in history will not go unaddressed. The GPUS statement in support of mandated injections of experimental gene therapy into the public remains reckless and unrepresentative of the principles of human rights held by rank and file Greens. In addition to policies requiring compulsory vaccine injections and their blatant violation of the Nuremberg Principles, it is concerning that the GPUS leadership is uncritically accepting of the:

Diversion of elderly patients from hospitals and home care into nursing homes where they suffered higher rates of mortality and illness.

Rampant violations of patients’ rights through the denial of family visitation and legal counsel in hospitals.

The requirement to carry and show vaccine passports based on QR codes in some states and vaccine cards in others, which violated HIPAA laws that protect healthcare privacy. This created two classes of residents based on compliance to an injection that did not protect them from contracting or transmitting the Covid-19 virus.

The noncompliant were limited from work, travel, healthcare, restaurants, and entertainment and forced into quarantine despite being healthy under the threat of arrest or fine. All were subjected to mandated repetitive and invasive testing to attend school or work, and dissidents were blocked from access their funds in their banking accounts and lost monetarization on social media.

Arbitrary policies promoted “essential” monopolistic corporations while accelerating the destruction of small businesses.

The GPUS must set an example of democratic principles if it wants to survive the Greenexit caused by the Steering Committee’s support of an experimental vaccine mandate without National Committee approval and in opposition to the statement of the Green Black Caucus against healthcare mandates. It is troubling that Trahern Crews, its spokesperson, and co-chair, was both summarily silenced and removed from a position of leadership with the Green Black Caucus by members of the Lavender Caucus. Lavender Caucus members occupy co-chair and steering committee positions throughout the Party.

It does not go unnoticed that publicly adopting the Democratic Party’s position on the enforcement of mandates and the implementation of experimental medical procedures on the public remains unpopular among our rank and file members as well as a majority of the American public.

Worldwide economic dislocation from repressive healthcare policy included significant damage to American small businesses, who are responsible for most of the job creation in the country. In particular, more than 40% of Black-owned businesses were destroyed. Historic gaps in literacy and educational competence persist against children and adolescents, with some schools’ literacy rates plummeting into single digits.

Hundreds of thousands of health care workers, active-duty military personnel, civil servants, and schoolteachers who expressed their rights to maintain bodily autonomy were fired. This must be addressed in accordance with the Nuremberg’s code of protection which defends world citizens against coercive measures and provides the right to informed consent, healthcare privacy, policies of consumer and medical safety, and guards against intolerable coercive measures including the unprecedented coordination between intelligence agencies, the Democratic Party, and corporate media to interfere with Constitutionally protected freedom and liberty.

Our leaders must embrace democracy and hold totalitarian policies in contempt. For example, a recent candidate for President promoted by Jill Stein and GPUS leadership, Cornel West, who lives in New York, has recently referred to the oligarchic Cuomo family with gushing warmth, and lavished praise upon Dr. Anthony Fauci for his work during the Pandemic.

It is concerning that West dismissed our government’s totalitarian suspension of human and Constitutional rights in a recent interview. He has no critique of any of the above concerns or former NY Governor Cuomo’s policy to move vulnerable elderly to nursing homes, resulting in countless deaths. West appears clueless that Dr. Fauci was instrumental in securing gain of function funding that turned a coronavirus into a bioweapon and pushing the renal-toxic Remdesivir and intubation despite known risks. Additionally, Dr. Fauci’s policies restricted lifesaving, anti-viral, and generic drugs including life-saving Oxygen, Hydroxy Chloroquine, Monoclonal Antibodies and Ivermectin.

West supports “lesser evil” justifications for the GPUS and Democratic Party positions relative to “Trump’s fascism.” West appears tone-deaf to the ongoing suffering of hundreds of millions of Americans from fascisms’ most overt moment in U.S. history.

3. Address “Climate Change” Hysteria Against Scientific Evidence

Since the 1970’s, Americans have been told to reform our economies and societies to accommodate a centralized, global government for the “protection of the environment.” Corporate media has increased public herding, bullying, and cult-like shaming of debate or dissent to conform to new energy management systems to avoid catastrophic “Global Warming,” which is attributed to the human over-production of CO2 causing supposedly catastrophic species loss and extreme weather patterns.

While data support species loss from toxic exposure from industrial activity, including the widespread destruction of Americans’ health, CO2 itself fails to present a threat to atmospheric stability. In a nutshell, increases in CO2 from human activity does not cause temperature change to any significant degree. Instead, temperature cycle data show convincingly and without controversy that solar radiation cycles play the determining role in the Earth’s temperature by interacting with the atmosphere to create cloud cover, lowering the Earth’s temperature.

4. Address Fraud and Election Integrity in the U.S

Once again, remaining silent on the widespread election integrity issues of the 2020 and upcoming 2024 elections serve to render the GPUS more of the Democratic Lite Party that Cornel West has endorsed in the past.

Most U.S. citizens across the political spectrum agree with the duopoly’s criticisms of voting mechanics and are also concerned with the gerrymandering of voting districts, the use of electronic voting machines that run on secret proprietary software that are connected to the internet, and do not produce paper-trails or receipts for voters.

Also, all remain deeply perplexed that exit polls are no longer reflective of final voting results.

The wealthiest country in the world’s voting system is in shambles compared to relatively impoverished and developing countries like Nicaragua and Brazil. Nicaragua achieves same day voting results that are in accord with its exit polls using paper ballots. Brazil uses electronic voting machines but they each produce a zeroed-out paper tally before voting begins and after the casting of electronic votes. The tallies are posted plainly outside each voting station for all to see.

The machines use open-source code and are not connected to the internet. With voting done on weekends in Nicaragua and Brazil using nationally issued identification cards, and rules that votes must be cast in the voters’ designated districts, there are no long lines in wealthy and impoverished voting districts alike. Furthermore, there is no possibility for ballot harvesting with clear chain-of-custody, and voting results are tallied with members of all parties present.

Unlike Nicaragua and Brazil that each had six parties represented on their respective ballots for president, third parties in the U.S. are sidelined with onerous demands for signatures that prevent or impede third party presidential candidates from ballot access in many states

5. Address Anti-democratic and Corrupt Practices of the GPUS Leadership

Although the GPUS selects its candidates without the influence of corporate lobbyists, there remains an increasingly opaque and top-down approach in the selection of presidential nominees. GPUS has weaponized its identity caucuses which have the super-delegate ability to cast votes that rank and file members do not.

It is noted that the Green Lavender and Young Ecosocialist Caucuses have installed their members throughout GPUS. They function in lockstep to target individuals who disagree with the approved Democratic lite Party narrative. Additionally, state parties routinely block members from caucuses and committee memberships if they express opinions that challenge the GPUS leaderships faulty narratives.

In 2020, Howie Hawkins and his staff had conflicts of interests, with national and state officers “double dipping” to rig the primary toward a predetermined outcome. Jesse Ventura, who polled over 20% in a national, head-to-head poll versus Trump and Biden, was discouraged from running by GPUS officials. These officials still occupy key committee and chair positions.

Once again, former Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein, appears to have selected the GPUS presumed nominee in Cornel West. It is now expected with West’s departure that Stein may promote herself as a presidential candidate. Primaries are increasingly becoming coronations by the GPUS leadership and not open to debate to its ever shrinking rank and file membership.

In policy and practice, GPUS has become the Democrat-lite party by refusing to adopt a proposed World Peace Platform brought forth by its Green Peace Action Committee (GPAX) by simply ignoring it.

The GPUS has erased women by allowing men who identify as women to join the Green Women’s Caucus and has provided them with voting rights. Outrageously, it has gone so far as to remove women who object. In contrast, the Green Black Caucus allows non-black members to participate in meetings but does not provide them with voting rights. The Green Lavender Caucus does not even allow non-LGBTQ+ individuals to join their caucus “for their members’ protection.”

The Lavender caucus has become a trans-“activist” caucus. They silenced and removed gay men and women who compared Dr. Fauci’s poor handling of AIDS/HIV to his poor handling of COVID-19.

Lavender caucus leadership baselessly removed the state party of Georgia through endless slander and libel that denied them their right of defense. In the GPUS, women are no longer entitled to the right of protection. This right goes exclusively to men who identify as women. Echoing Democratic Party “wokeism” the Green Party does not permit debate over the factual reality of biological sex vs sociologically constructed gender.

Many members believe the GPUS is infiltrated by operatives that seek to destroy the GPUS from within as it did in the 60s and 70s to anti-war activists, environmentalists, women, and black rights movements through COINTELPRO tactics. If so, the Lavender and Young Ecosocialists caucuses seem responsible as they routinely work together to gang-up and dismiss members on spurious charges of “transphobia, hate and bigotry.” Such tactics have been on display in intelligence-infiltrated corporate media in coordination with the Democratic Party for some time.

Economic and logistical barriers ensure only approved narratives will be debated and only GPUS leadership’ chosen candidates will have a chance to participate in electoral politics.

Just like the duopoly and their “super delegates,” a handful of elite high-profile members of the GPUS make decisions regarding the selection of presidential candidates without consulting rank and file members. There is no polling using widely used software such as SurveyMonkey, etc.

Outrageously, the GPUS leadership has demonstrated that they do not respect the democratic outcomes of state affiliates’ own primary voting. Following the 2020 primary, the Alaska Green Party was forcibly disaffiliated over its refusal to support Howie Hawkins’ bid for President, voting instead for Jesse Ventura for President and Dr. Cynthia McKinney for Vice President.

6. Identity Politics is used by the ruling class to divide and weaken the working class movement.

There should be critical discussion of the dominance of the GPUS Trans-activist narrative. The GPUS must not suppress important dialogue that protects biological women, children, and marginalized groups from harmful and irreversible medical procedures.

The denial of safe spaces in facilities such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and prisons for females removes their right to privacy and puts women and girls in physical danger of sexual exploitation and abuse. Permitting males to compete in sports against women and girls not only limits fair competition but is physically hazardous to female participants in contact sports.

Gender-Affirming Care (GAC) predators’ prey on children and adolescents who are suffering from loneliness and seeking a sense of belonging or afflicted by psychiatric or medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and autism. Often these youngsters are already engaging in self-harming behaviors and seek further self-mutilation and punishment.

In addition, socioeconomic conditions, the entertainment industry, and social media play a role in body shaming and in creating negative sexual attraction narratives. Susceptibility is also increased in youngsters involved in dysfunctional family relationships and who live in impoverished home environments with absentee or imprisoned parents and are victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. Sometimes their parents suffer from mental illness such as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and push unhealthy sexual narratives to gain influence in their respective communities. Social contagions play a role on both youngsters and their parents mental health.

The defining feature of GAC is the acceptance of a given youngster’s testimony over scientific inquiry. Often their testimony is coached by professional social influencers. GAC not only intentionally ignores longstanding diagnostic techniques commonly used in medicine but misleads parents and excludes them from their role as guardians both in school interactions and in medical interventions. Presidential executive orders and lobbyists (Soros/Gates/Pritzker) increase social pressure and funding through Medicaid and health insurance payouts that involve “transitioning.”

Parents are opposed in their efforts to remove obscene material from school curricula. DOE/DHHS requirements along with Medicaid and insurance funding normalize experimental medications and procedures (radical double mastectomies, sterilization, puberty blockers, castrations, penectomies, and the use of cross-sex hormones) but ignore de-trans medical needs.

The violation of parental rights by withholding information that would allow informed consent misleads parents into granting experimental medical procedures in violation of the Nuremberg Principles.